13 June 2017

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The word swoops in on stork wings, causing terror in some and the deepest love in others.
The building blocks of a person’s life spelled out.
A heady soup. Waters best treaded lightly.
In the best worlds, the word is a synonym for God.
A word that sparks all the gratefulness possible in a person.
Tinged though it may be with lifelong frustration and resentment at the edges.
Bridges uncrossed, gulfs unbridgeable, and sailboats engulfed.
The ambigram of wow.
The missing tooth in some people’s mouths.
The reason for some people’s sharp corners.
Not everyone’s cut out to be a parent.
But when a mom gets it right, it’s a tower that reaches the stars.
A blasting javelin thrown into the future.
A release of another person or people into the vast times to come.
The word should be in the thesaurus under caring.
Under safety.
Under comfort.
Under undiluted, unconditional love.
You never stop being someone’s child.
And they never stop being someone’s parent.
Even if tragedy strikes or estrangement triumphs.
A good mother is a pillow for your heart to go to sleep on.
And a drive to keep you focused in the day.
Mothers try to get it right and often fail.
Like your friend’s did.
Like yours did.
And when it comes to a broken life, it’s hard to say that it was the thought that counts.
I believe that if one is a bad parent, then it doesn’t matter what else one does well.
I want to say all mothers have always been there for their children.
I want to say you’re at ease around yours.
But that’s for the greeting cards and the happy endings of sitcoms.
The truth is darker.
And lighter.
The most you can ask of a mother is that they did their best.
If their best was good enough,
Then you have reason to be grateful.



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