19 June 2017

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“The hope of a spider’s an alien thing.”
The spider thought, chewing on Daniel Moth’s wing
“For though as a spider I bear no ill will
I’ll snack upon Daniel ‘til I’ve had my fill.
I don’t have the tiniest inkling of wrong.
In fact as I eat him, I’m singing this song.
He begged of his friend, (his friend being me)
To set his most succulent abdomen free
His thorax was stuck and his antennae, too.
His legs quivered quick (and between me and you)
He told me of all the months he’d been my friend,
Apologized if he’d had cause to offend
Stammered and tried to guess what gone bad
At what had come over me, why I was mad
As both of my fangs plumped up thick and tumescent
With anticoagulant life-sign suppressant
The question repeated from his mouth was why?
Why would I eat him and make a friend die?
And as my fangs emptied and as he went still
And as I enwrapped him, as I ate my fill
And stored his drained carcass in web corner four
And returned to the center and waited for more
I wondered on hope and arachnid regret
(Or how, if existing, I’d not felt it yet)
My eyes blinked in unison, one through to eight
As I got quite sleepy whenever I ate
I wondered why my friends all stayed friends with me,
When I was an eight-legged death guarantee
I think it’s because I present as benign.
Because when I’m full I seem calm. I seem fine.
I joke. I accept. I see everyone’s side.
And it’s all authentic. It’s all bona fide.
But when I am hungry there’s nature’s dark switch
And no matter who’s around me when I itch
Gets pricked and then packaged with spidery silk
And drained and then stored with the rest of their ilk
And back to my middle-web nexus I crawl
(I do have my centrist beliefs after all)
I sit and I hope that I one day will feel
A little remorse so that I can feel real.
That maybe that after my killing a friend
My glacial indifference to it will end
That even though such a thing would sadden me
So much less would I feel so much uncertainty.
About all my friendships (and my friend’s demise
I’m always surprised that they’re always surprised)
Spiders eat insects and that is the end.
But spiders pre-eating can be a good friend."



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